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Solar Energy Systems


All work is fully insured! Solar Panel Heating Systems, Hot Water and Radiators by Pete The Plumber, Sligo, Ireland

We supply and install Solar Panels mainly for domestic hot water systems but they can also be used for central heating systems via a buffer tank.

We have 3 options of solar panel types and 3 locations for fitting them. We have Flat Plate, Tubes and Vacuum and they can be installed on the roof, in the roof or free standing.


Grants are available for renewable energy from SEI
under the Renewable Heat Deployment Programme (ReHeat)


The number of panels and the size of the hot water storage tank is calculated together with the number of people living in the dwelling to work out the Solar hot water requirements.


South facing with no over shadowing are two of the most important factors when choosing a location for the panels.


The sun is the single most important energy provider to the world, not your local electricity company or gas supplier and what's more it's FREE, free energy for life! And here's how you can save money on your utility bills and start using free energy, even when it's a cloudy day. And with the sun having 5 billion years life left, it's safe to say we wont run out of the solar energy anytime soon!


Even on cloudy days there is a great deal of clean, low-cost energy available from the sun. A typical system includes a roof mounted solar collector sometimes referred to as the solar panel. In fact they can also be made up of tubes or panels. Heat is then pumped from the panels inside the building to a hot water store where supplementary heat can be added from a boiler or immersion to make it useful for normal domestic appliances.


The size of panels required for a domestic property are anywhere between 2m(sq)and 7m(sq), with panels either fitted to the roof using simple support brackets, or by integrating into the roof usually on new build or if re roofing. They can also be fitted to balconies or with adequate support to a gable end.


The choice of which system to use comes down to a balance of panel efficiency, size, cost, the guarantees on the panels, the appearance of the panels, and simplicity of installation. In summary there's more to solar water heating than the choice of collector such as:


* where to position the storage cylinder
* degree of insulation on pipes and cylinders
* integrating the solar system to your existing hot water supply
* type of pump and controller
* positioning and size of the collectors
* storage cylinder size


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Solar Energy - Grants Available from SEI

Solar Energy - for future generations

Solar energy saves on fossil fuels!

Solar Panel Installations, Grants are available from, Pete The Plumber, Sligo, Ireland Solar Energy Heating and Hot Water Systems by Pete The Plumber, Sligo, Ireland Solar Panel Heating Systems, Hot Water and Radiators by Pete The Plumber, Sligo, Ireland