Radiator Power Flushing

Optimise your central heating system for maximum efficiency with Power Flushing!

High pressure water with a descaling chemical is pumped around the central heating system and cleans any blockages and removes sludge from the system.

The average cost is around €450 plus VAT.


Power Flushing is the most efficient and effective method of cleansing a central heating system.

The principle is to create a powerful fresh water flow under controlled conditions to remove debris from the system. By connecting the power flushing unit to the heating circuit in place of the system pump, boiler or radiator the circuit can be thoroughly cleansed of limescale and corrosion debris.

A typical power flush can improve the efficiency of your heating system by 20%


Dirt removed from heating system with the magna clean power flush.

Cost for is this an additional €400 plus VAT.



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