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Plumbing Contractor Services Sligo


All work is fully insured!

Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Plumbing works also Basic Plumbing and Installation work including:

* Changing a radiator.
* Disabled adaptations.
* Washing Machines.
* Dishwashers.
* Outside taps.
* Cold water storage tank replacements.
* Immersion heaters.


We offer various types of plumbing systems ranging from your traditional gravity water to fully pressurised systems.


Complete heating installations

We sell a 500 litre treble coil cylinder that can have a choice of Solar, Solid Fuel and Gas to heat your hot water. We supply and fit water filters for safe drinking water and cold water storage tanks.


Power Flushing

We offer a power flush service for all heating systems. Power flushing is the fastest and most effective way to flush heating systems with minimal disruption and dismantling.  It is the process which is used to clean heating systems using water at high velocity, but low pressure.  It usually involves the addition into the system of powerful cleansing chemicals and mobilising agents.  These chemicals and agents clean heating systems by removing flux, sludge and other debris which has collected in the heating system over the years.


Water Storage Tank Cleaning

Open tanks or improperly sealed/insulated tanks result in dust, dirt, fiberglass particles and vermin getting into your water supply which can seriously damage your health. Has your tank a lid, a screened vent/over flow, a legionella arrester, anti rodent screen and lagging jacket on it?
lf the answer is No or Don't Know then Phone Pete The Plumber - 087 668 2204



Showers and Shower Pumps:

We supply a wide range of water & shower pumps. We supply and install electric showers, pumped showers and can upgrade existing conventional showers with a combination of electric, power, thermostatic and gravity systems.
We also install all makes of shower doors!

Rinnai instantaneous water heaters supplied and fitted.


Specialist equipment

We have a range of specialist equipment to enable us to minimise problems for you and rectify any faults quickly and efficiently.


Call us for a quote (or in emergencies) on 087 6682204

Hot Water Systems

Shower Pumps and Installations

Radiator Power Flushing

Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Systems by Pete The Plumber, Sligo, Ireland Shower Pumps and Installations by Pete The Plumber, Sligo, Ireland Radiator Power Flushing, Sligo, Ireland