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Attic Insulation


Insulation to your pipes will help keep water hot and will prevent the pipes from freezingAttic Insulation or bursting in cold weather. It is important however, to insulate the pipes in the coldest places in your home, such as the attic. If these are left without protection, there's a good chance they could freeze up and burst during particularly cold spells, doing severe damage to your home.

An insulated attic allows a large amount of heat from your home to be lost, unnecessarily increasing your annual fuel bills. To insulate the area is a relatively cheap and easy job to do.

Here are some of insulation’s benefits beyond energy savings:

Quiet. Thick insulation can absorb outdoor noises from waiting into your peaceful home.

Fire protection. Air leaks can help a fire spread, insulation helps stop air leaks.
Choose insulation that meets tire safety stands to prevent insulation-related tires.

Frost protection. If you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing in the r winter, insulation can help protect your pipes from freezing.


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